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You are more than numbers on a scale.

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you are more than numbers on a scale how to stay fit over 50

Probably once a week maybe more, I talk to someone who is upset by the numbers they see when they step on the scale. And I SO get it because I always have the same gut reaction. Generally I want to pitch the scale out back and let the horses trample it. You guessed it. I have a love – HATE relationship with my scale. Stupid digital numbers anyway.

You work so hard to stay on track the majority of the time with your nutrition and exercise, YET the scale does not seem to reflect that hard work. This is when I tell my folks to remember they are SO much more than those numbers on a scale.  (I recommend Yoga as the BEST form of exercise for folks over 50. This is the program I follow when I’m not teaching:  Best at home exercise: Yoga Burn

Breaking it down, yes the scale does give you a PART of the picture but you are so much more than that one little number.  For the past 12 months or so, every visit I had to the doctor was reflecting my blood pressure higher than it should be.  I could not figure out what was going on.  My weight although not where I like it had not changed.  Nothing really changed. Or had it?

It had. Unknowingly, I was not doing as much aerobic exercise as I had in the past. An increase in cardio exercise during the week brought my blood pressure back in the range it should be – and where I like it.  Did my weight change? It did not. But the 20 points off my blood pressure are even more important to me than 5 pounds off the scale as there is heart disease in my family.  I don’t take that on personally but I am aware of it and know my blood pressure is a part of my overall health picture so needs to be kept in check.

My mother has completely eliminated her diabetic medication. Another friend has eliminated her blood pressure medication.  And another friend was able to stay OFF medication.  What did we all have in common?  We all exercise and stay on track for the most part. Maybe not all the time, but we are on track the MAJORITY of the time.

We need to remember to look at the BIG picture and not be so hard on ourselves.  Health and wellness is a journey and journeys like hills will have ups and downs.  Taking it a step further, CELEBRATE our successes instead of being so darn focused on what we perceive as failure.

So the next time you step on the scale and you do not see what you like, think about what you HAVE improved on.  Maybe you can walk longer today than you did a month ago.  Maybe you are taking a harder fitness class now than you did a month ago.  Maybe you have changed your nutrition so that you are eating more fruits and vegetables than you did last year.  Or you have replaced soda in your diet and now drink more water.  ALL SUCCESSES.

One step forward today is better than no steps at all.  Have a wonderful week.

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