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Weight Loss Tips To Keep The Weight Off

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Trying to lose weight or have you recently lost weight? Great job! Next question. How do you plan to keep that weight off? Below are weight loss tips to help keep you on track.

So many of us bust our butts, literally, to lose weight but as soon as we hit that designated number on the scale, we lose our focus and go back to old habits.

What happens when you go back to old habits? You gain back the weight you worked so hard to lose! Where is the fun in that? There has to be ways to keep the weight off. Don’t you agree?

For me, I think I have tried every flipping diet ever invented.  I diligently follow the program, doctor’s orders or instructions on the package and yes I am successful in losing the weight.  Then just as soon as I stopped the strict dieting, the weight would come back PLUS!  

There is no nice way to say it. The weight gain after working so hard to lose the weight really stinks.  

You could probably classify me as a professional yo-yo dieter but I didn’t gain five or 10 pounds. No I had to do it big!  25+ pounds every time I would stop the restrictive diet. 4 tips to keep weight off

Don’t feel alone because the majority of us deal with the same issues.  The question we need to ask is what can we do to permanently keep the weight off?

The good news is there are tips that will help you keep it in check when combined with eating clean and exercising.  You know I am a HUGE fan of eating clean as that is what finally helped me stop the yo-yo dieting.

Am I where I want to be? Very close.  In the meantime, I feel great, and I am ticking goals off my bucket list and enjoying every moment.

Below are a few tips to help you keep the weight off:

  1. First getting healthy was MY goal; no one else’s goal.  My husband has never said one word to me about my weight. Smart man and probably the reason we’re still married 38 years later. In all seriousness, if you try to lose weight or reach any goal for someone other than yourself, you probably won’t reach it.  It has to be a goal that’s extremely important to you first.  Once you accept how important this goal is to you, you will realize losing weight and getting healthy not only benefits you – it benefits your family too.
  2. Next suck it up and step on the scale – just once to get started. I know. I know. Likewise, I am not a fan of the scale either, but I do understand that it is just one piece of the health and wellness puzzle. Unfortunately, many of us avoid that scale like it has cooties.  The downside is when you step on it, it may just be the eye-opener you need to start making a few changes.  I honestly thought I weighed at least 30 pounds less than I did when I stepped on the scale 5 years ago. Talk about a shock! What happened that day though is I put eating clean and exercise as a priority on my to-do list and I have never looked back.
  3. Stop wearing pants with elastic waist bands. Personally I think elastic waists should be avoided by most adults if at all possible. Look how far you can stretch those waistbands! But as a fitness instructor, half or more I am in workout gear and yoga pants.  Wearing clothes that require you to button or zip up to walk out the door will keep your weight in check because as soon as you can’t quite stretch that waist band to button, you immediately know that you have gone off track with your nutrition and exercise. And making your clothes fit by using a rubber band only hurts you because it’s important to keep our midsection in check.
  4. Make an appointment with your doctor.  Exactly what I did. If you have not had a physical in over a year, it’s time to make an appointment and face the music.  Nobody wants to have health problems. We all have families and other priorities that we must take care of, but you need to do this for yourself.  The truth hurts, and you can rest assured that your doctor won’t sugar coat any medical issue you may be facing.  If you need to lose weight, your doctor will tell you.  If you are not getting enough exercise, your doctor will tell you.

Most important for anyone that wants to move forward to a healthier you? Face facts.  Losing weight is just one part of the puzzle.  Winning the weight loss and fitness game means KEEPING that weight off.  You CAN do it!

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