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Kneeling Yoga Poses

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Kneeling yoga poses. Are they possible over 50?

If you have been with me any length of time, you know how often I preach the benefits of a yoga practice. Especially as we age.

The benefits are many but here are the top ones:

  • Improves balance. So many of my clients struggle with balance. Yoga is the number one thing they tell others has helped them.
  • Strengthen bones and muscles. Yoga can help keep your bones strong as it provides weight-bearing exercise. This may delay the onset of osteoporosis which can cause bones to become brittle or weak.
  • Improves flexibility. When was the last time you touched your toes? If it has been a while, yoga can help you do it again.
  • Improves mobility. I know this first hand as I have struggled to overcome a hip injury. Yoga allows my hip to move in the way it is designed to move.
  • Less stress. With everything going on in the world, we all need a little help to balance stress in our lives. Yoga does this.
  • Better sleep. Many of us struggle to get a good night’s rest. Yoga may help you fall asleep faster.

Quite a few benefits don’t you think? So why aren’t we including yoga in our day-to-day activities?

Many of us simply do not know where to start. For my clients, I have created a Gentle Flow Yoga that is designed to move in a way that makes sense for the body. No sudden pose changes and many ways to modify.

But before coming to my classes, these clients tell me of trying to take a yoga class where they did not feel accepted. Or the poses were too challenging.

If this sounds like you, I want to tell you please do not give up. The benefits are too great.

So where should you start if you cannot find a class like the one I teach? I am working on a Gentle Flow Yoga class that I will be sharing so be sure to bookmark this page.

In the meantime, I love Gaia. They offer many beginner yoga classes designed to improve your balance, flexibility, strength and more.

You can pick and choose the class that works best for you as far as time and level. I myself often take one of these classes. You can get more information here: Gaia Online Yoga Classes

The next pain point many have, and you may too is pain in your knees. If this is something you deal with, know that yoga may help improve it.

These are the exact knee pads I have in my studio that have helped so many people. You can also use them for wrist support and more: Gaiam Knee Pads.

Now that we know how beneficial Gentle Flow Yoga can be for our bodies and have addressed the knee pain, let’s move onto poses.

The following kneeling yoga poses are for demonstration only and are done from a kneeling position and are gentle on the body:

kneeling yoga pose child's pose
Child’s pose gently stretches your spine, thighs, hips, and ankles
kneeling yoga pose cat/cow pose
Cat cow pose increases the flexibility of the neck, shoulders and spine.
kneeling yoga pose puppy pose
Stretches the spine, shoulders, upper back, arms and abdominal muscles. 
kneeling yoga pose simple backbend pose
Backbends strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, and hips.

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These few poses are shown for demonstration purposes. Consult your doctor if you have any preexisting medical conditions and check if this practice is suitable for you.

It is essential that you retain full responsibility for your own physical and general well-being in applying instructions in any fitness program.