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After the hysterectomy – exercise yoga

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About four years ago, I had a complete hysterectomy.  As a result of not finding information I was searching for, I created a video series called after the hysterectomy. (You can find it on my YouTube channel here:  Denise Sanger YouTube)

Every week, I receive several emails from those videos and am in the process of updating for year four plus writing a book.  In the meantime, I’ve decided to continue the series here also on my website and today the topic is after the hysterectomy – exercise specifically yoga.

There are several that I recommend for women after a hysterectomy or after menopause including HIIT and strength training. But if I were only allowed to recommend one, it would be yoga. Yoga is amazing not only for the body but for the mind.

About a year after my hysterectomy, I started having issues with mood swings.  Terrible mood swings that I will eventually find out were caused by my body having no levels of estrogen and testosterone but that will be a different topic to follow.

I would simply look at my husband and  want to skin him alive. He just bugged me. I was tired of putting his dishes in the dishwasher. I was tired of his leaving his crap all over the house. I was tired of his ability to not SEE the garbage bag left right at the flipping front door. Anyone relate to this with me?

But here’s the thing, nothing had changed in the 35 years I’d been married to him. He’s always been like this and THAT is another story for a different day as well.  So why was it seriously driving me crazy now?

About that same time, I began doing yoga every morning due to a hip injury I had from training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  My focus was on loosening up my hip-flexors and improving overall flexibility. What I thought would help me physically the most ended up helping me mentally beyond anything I would have thought.

Yoga is a mind/body connection workout and movements are coordinated with breathing.  When you have to slow down and focus on breathing in then breathing out, it calms the mind.  For me, it kept my aggravation and mood swings in check.

Many folks head to the doctor when dealing with mood swings, anxiety or overall frustration with things out of our control.  For me because I try to take a more holistic approach to my health, finding that yoga actually benefited me with these issues was a big relief. To my husband also 😛

Not only do I feel better mentally and emotionally, my body is leaner and more toned. My legs look the same as they did when I was in my 20’s.

And don’t think yoga is for woosies.  It requires focus, strength and balance.  In my classes I have participants transitioning slowly and holding a pose longer which helps in flexibility. This combination with breathing has a calming effect on us mentally and emotionally.

If you find that you are dealing with mood swings since menopause or after a hysterectomy, see if you can find a Gentle Flow Yoga class and give it a try. It may take longer than a few classes to feel the benefits but as one amazing woman in my class told me, this class is “better than sex.” I don’t know about that but yoga is pretty darn good 😉

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