Stop calling this woman. Your health depends on it.

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Tis the season.  The season of non-stop commercials showing everything you absolutely must buy this year if you want a happy family on Christmas Day.  Not sure about you but for me the older I get, the less I need.  Over the past few years, I’ve been working hard to keep purchases to a minimum. Only buying what I need when I need it. Bottom line is I don’t need anything and I really hate to shop.

My lifelong best friend in Cleveland knows how much I hate shopping so when we get together that is one thing she knows not to put on our list of things to do. Watching the non-stop parade of commercials that began before Thanksgiving can seem almost insane to someone like me that literally hates to shop.  Marketers are VERY good at getting you to think you need something you have never thought about before. After all, how many pet rocks were sold way back when. Or more recently the fidget spinner thing.  I really couldn’t wrap my brain around that one but kids seemed to love it.

There is one commercial that seems to keep appearing whether it is on TV, social media or via email. I also think it’s one of those gifts that most of us do NOT need.  What is it?  Ask Alexa. She can do anything or so it seems that way from the commercials.   (NOTE: You can find information on Alexa using our Amazon affiliate link here:  Echo Spot with Alexa)

Want the front porch light on? Ask Alexa. Want to find out what movies are playing near you? Ask Alexa.  Need to know what the weather is going to be tomorrow? Ask Alexa.  Want to change the TV station? Ask Alexa.  Don’t feel like setting an alarm clock? Ask Alexa. Want pizza for dinner? Alexa will order it from Dominos for you. Don’t feel like reading the kids a bedtime story? Alexa will.  Need your living room vacuumed? Alexa will get Roomba right on that for you.  Windows on your car frozen? No worries! Alexa will start your car for you.  House seem a little warm? Alexa will turn down the thermostat for you.  And the list goes on and I am sure will expand to do even more things in the future.

When did it become so hard to turn on a light? Or change a TV channel.  When I was a kid, my dad had four remote controls – they were myself, my two sisters and one brother.  We had the difficult task of getting up and going over to the TV to change the station using a dial.  Child abuse I tell you!

I understand we live in a time crunched world but every single time you call Alexa to perform a menial task for you means that is one more time you didn’t physically move.  Not one finger.  Remember the less we move, the less we move.

Yes Alexa can be an important life tool for those that need the assistance but the rest of us? I hope you’re tired of hearing the name Alexa because it’s better to get up off your butt and do it yourself. Save Alexa for the tasks that need done when you are not home. Have a wonderful week.

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