Why You Need To Visit Suwannee County Florida

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Note: This article is a work in progress. There is so much to love about Suwannee County, Florida that I want to make sure to cover it all.  From Live Oak to Branford to Dowling Park to the little towns that dot the county, truly a gem in North Central Florida. Denise

Why Suwannee County, Florida?

Love to travel? Me too.  Sometimes we get so focused on planning on next vacation destination that we often overlook the beauty right in our backyard.  For me this is Suwannee County, Florida.  I love where I live so much that I wanted to do a quick article that will explain why you need to put Suwannee County on your list next time you’re on your way to Florida.

wildflowers spring suwannee county fl
Spring Wildflowers

I wasn’t always a Floridian.  I’m actually a Midwesterner that was transplanted to South Florida when my husband was transferred by American Airlines.  When we first moved to Miramar, it was not near as hectic as it was when I told my husband, we have to get out of here!  A drive that originally took 10 minutes was taking 35 minutes less than 10 years later.

suwannee county florida sunset
Sunset in Suwannee County

With the decision made to leave South Florida, we had to figure out where to move to.  One thing I knew for sure and told my husband? I was NOT crossing the Florida/Georgia line.  A friend of mine had moved to Suwannee County and one weekend, I packed up my daughter and went to check it out. It was love at first site.

The air was clean. There were rivers surrounding where she lived and the people? Super nice. That was it.   The plan was in motion and land was bought.  We still own the land in Live Oak but ended up building south on four acres between McAlpin and Branford.  To me, it’s the perfect location.  It’s 15 minutes to Branford and roughly 20 minutes to Live Oak and I can literally be on a river or spring with a kayak in less than five minutes.

Water Activities

denise royal springs triathlon training
Triathlon Open Water Swim Training Royal Springs

There is nothing I love more than exploring a new city especially when it helps me stay active. Suwannee County, Florida is home to many natural springs that flow into the Suwannee River.  My favorites are Little River Springs  and Royal Springs. Royal Springs is where I am able to do much of my triathlon training although I generally wear a wetsuit as the springs are a constant 72 degrees.

Often when at Little River Springs, I will see cave divers entering or coming out of the spring. It’s a very cool thing to watch even though I cannot even imagine what it’s like to be in a cave underwater. Those that do cave dive have many interesting stories to tell.

The Itchnetucknee River is also a must to visit especially if you like tubing. Last time I was on the river with friends I was lucky enough to float right over manatees.  There is nothing quite like this crystal clear river with the swaying grass and numerous fish.  A natural lazy river you’ll want to enjoy over and over.

If fishing, boating, kayaking, and other water sports are on your must do list, definitely make time to visit the majestic Suwannee River.  The Suwannee varies in-depth based on where you are.  In some areas, you care able to walk across the river while in others, the depth is well over 20 feet.  The river flows into the Gulf of Mexico on the west side and the beginning flow is from Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia.



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