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What The Heck Is Clean Eating Anyway?

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Is one of your goals to eat healthier? Have you been told to eat clean but not quite sure what that means? You’re not alone.  Many people are not quite sure what eating clean means so this week, I’m going to quickly explain it the philosophy behind it.

Rule of thumb for eating clean is to eat REAL food as close to it’s original form as possible.  As an example choose to eat an orange versus orange juice.  To take it a step further, chicken, sweet potato and vegetables versus a packaged chicken pot pie or chicken dinner purchased from a fast food restaurant.

Next if possible, avoid processed foods completely because you don’t know what is keeping the food on the shelf or in the freezer “fresh”.  You can probably assume it’s being chemically modified one way or another. Take a look at the ingredients label to see how many “ingredients” you are not able to pronounce.  If you can’t say them. Don’t eat them.  It’s okay to eat frozen food as in one ingredient food such as frozen broccoli where you see one ingredient – broccoli.

Finally, think K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple silly and don’t try to change everything at the same time. The first thing I eliminated from my diet were sodas followed by white sugar.  Below is a quick list of items to avoid as you make your way through your clean eating journey.

Foods to slowly eliminate or use sparingly:

  • White sugar.
  • White flour.
  • Processed foods.
  • Artificial ingredients.

The best part?  Not only will your food taste better when you prepare them yourself, you will know exactly what you are eating.  You CAN do this!

To your health,


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