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The best yoga clothes for women over 50

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Not sure about you but while I think many of the new workout and yoga clothes are adorable, I’m certainly NOT going to be wearing many of them. I haven’t worn shorts that shorts since… can’t remember when. Not sure if I ever did. Were shorts that short? (I probably did. After all I’m a child of the 70’s.) So when I’m looking to add to my collection, I want to find yoga clothes perfect for women over 50.

Now after having a hysterectomy and going through menopause, my body certainly doesn’t look the way it used to. My mid-section is my biggest struggle and issue. And I’m a fitness instructor so I know as well as anyone how important the right yoga clothes are not only for comfort but performance.

When you workout, the last thing you want to worry about is a clothes mishaps. I’ve had a few of those in my time so I want to be sure my clothes are the last thing I need to worry about.

You wouldn’t just run out and buy a treadmill or Spin bike without doing a little research. Take your time to find clothes that work for you. And if they’re cute too? That’s even better.

I currently teach several Gentle Flow Yoga classes every week. These classes follow my Tabata, Step or Senior Sweat & Tone classes. That means my workout clothes need to be on point for all three classes.

Before shopping, think of everything you plan to do while wearing your workout gear. I mentioned above, I wear mine for three classes most days. I also wear my workout clothes when taking a walk or biking and even to run errands. For me, loose yet fitted clothing is much more comfortable and I don’t need to worry about it pulling up or showing my panties underneath.

Yoga clothes for women over 50
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Some of the best leggings I’ve ever owned are my Zumba leggings. Whether you do Zumba or not is irrelevant. They make some AMAZING leggings. They’re nice and thick. Fit well. And last forever. This pic is me teaching my online Tabata fitness class. I will then roll into Senior Sweat & Tone and end the morning with Gentle Flow Yoga. Those leggings will hold up beautifully. If you’d like to give them a try, head to the Zumba website and use my code SangerFit and you’ll receive a discount.

When it comes to pull on and not think about it leggings, these are my favorite. They have a high waist which helps with my tummy issue. They’re thick and I can keep my phone and other necessary items securely in the pockets on the side. There are several brands but I have found that is particular brand is the best for me. This pair which is the exact one I ordered over a year ago from Amazon still looks brand new after many, many washings.

Tops are where I tend to have a more difficult time because I don’t want anything tight around my midsection. After much trial and error, I have found that what works best is a fitted, loose type of top. Almost like a tunic. But it needs to be ordered in the correct size. If it’s not and falls straight down from my bust, it makes me look like I’m pregnant. Which I definitely am NOT at 58.

This tank is probably my favorite and one I have in several colors. The length hits about mid-hip. It’s loose and flowy yet fitted enough so that it glides over the body. Does a GREAT job at camouflaging my midsection as well. It’s also available on Amazon.

Another site definitely worth taking a look at is Etsy. I have found the absolute cutest yoga tanks on Etsy and I’m supporting a small business at the same time.

Take your time and look around. Every single time I head to Etsy, I find something new. The last time I checked it out, I found this absolutely adorable tank. Not only is it perfect for working out, it’s fantastic to toss on with shorts.

One more site that has fantastic leggings for women over 50 you should take a look at is Clever Yoga. This site runs some amazing sales and you can often pick up their super high quality leggings 50% off. This is the last pair I grabbed.

Whenever you add to your yoga clothes collection, make sure it leaves you feeling amazing whether you’re exercising or not. If you don’t feel fantastic when you wear it, it’ll quickly end up in the back of your dresser drawer.

p.s. the yoga class I do at home when I’m not at the gym? It’s Yoga Burn. Find out why I love it so much here: Yoga Burn

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