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Don’t Make Losing Weight Harder Than It Needs To Be

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Working on losing weight?   Are you “dieting?”  How’s that going for you? Stop. Don’t make losing weight harder than it needs to be.  It’s a lifestyle journey not a diet. When I finally got it through my head that dieting was not the way to go, it all came together.  I became healthier – and I have maintained my health and fitness levels.

So what changed?  My mindset changed. It’s as simple as that.  As a result I finally broke the “diet” cycle once and for all. And you can too.  It’s really not a hard thing to be honest.  We spend so much time and money on every new fad, pill, program, exercise equipment and anything else that “promises” to help us lose weight.

Yet it never seems to work.  We see it on TV and run to the store to spend our hard-earned money on the latest and greatest weight loss concoction. We actually can make ourselves CRAZY over those numbers on the scale. It breaks my  heart when I hear people say their days are ruined when they step on the scale in the morning and the numbers aren’t quite want they want them to be.

Let me break it down for you. And here is the best part, it works but you need to make the commitment. I did it and you can too IF you make the commitment.  Here you go:

  1. Don’t diet. Eat clean.  You may remember a post I did well over a year ago telling you that I consider the word diet a 4 letter word.  I’m not fond of any of those 4 letter words including diet. You can read that article here – Diet Is A 4 Letter Word.   Diet to me is deprivation.  How long do you think you can keep moving forward when you’re feeling deprived.  I can tell you – not very long.  It almost becomes torture to sit down and eat carrot sticks all day long.  You’re not a rabbit so why are you eating like one?  Let me make it very simple for you.  Eating clean means to eat real food as close to its natural source as possible.  EAT REAL FOOD.  No processed food.  No chemicals. No additives. No added sugar.  REAL FOOD.  Taking it a step further, 99% of my meals are prepared in my kitchen – it’s very rare that my husband and I eat lunch or dinner out. Why? I don’t know what’s in that food and you can bet that there is too much sugar, sodium, fat and other things I do not need in my diet.  And the best part? I don’t miss that food!  Eat 5 – 6 small meals per day of REAL FOOD. If you haven’t grasped that yet, here it is one more time – REAL FOOD.
  2. Exercise.  We are a sedentary society.  Many of us have “desk” jobs where we sit all day long.  Our bodies are designed for movement. If you don’t have a career where you are physically active, you probably aren’t getting enough exercise in your day. Even 10 minutes can help.  Get up and move throughout the day.  If you have to set a timer to remind yourself to get up and move, then do it starting today. Exercise has never been an issue for me even though I do sit most of the day.  I feel better when I exercise – both physically and mentally. Make it a priority in your day.
  3. Journal.  You may not really be aware of what you’re putting in your body. The best way to find out is to keep a journal.  Do yourself a favor and keep a journal of everything you eat and drink for at least 7 days.  I personally use My Fitness Pal – it’s a free app and I can use it on my phone or computer.
  4. And probably most important?  Have a positive mindset.  Your body hears everything your mind says. Why not be a kind to yourself? You CAN do anything you set your mind do. The key is to get up and do it.

Don't Make Losing Weight Harder Than It Needs To Be

That’s it.  Losing weight doesn’t need to be difficult. The 4 simple points above will have you  on your way to a healthier you.  Won’t you get up today and just do what you know you need to do? I did and I have NEVER looked back. You GOT this!

p.s. I’m giving keto another shot and so far, it’s been painless. I’m doing it different this time in that I’m watching the saturated fats. Why am I giving keto another chance? I did lose weight the last time and it was easy to follow. This is the program I’m using: Custom Keto Keep trying until you find what works for you. That’s what I’m doing at this point in my life.

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  1. I do not think you have my email and I am doing and appreciating all the tips regarding the 5 lb. challenge. Thank you so much!

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