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Diet Is A 4 Letter Word

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It’s the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and as I sit writing this post, I am reflecting on the wonderful Thanksgiving I had with my family.  There truly is nothing more special than spending time during the holidays with loved ones.  This is a time to celebrate and enjoy, not to stress and feel guilty which is what has prompted this week’s article.

I don’t like the four letter word diet any more than I like those “other” four letter words.  The word diet to me means to go without or deprivation.  We live in world full of many wonderful things so why would we want to deprive ourselves?  The key is to replace that four letter word with words that keep us balanced and in control.  Here are a few:

The eight letter word EXERCISE.  One of the best things we can do for our bodies is to get up and get moving.  The main benefit of exercise is that it helps to control weight.  Exercise also helps:

  • Combat disease.
  • Improve mood.
  • Boost energy.
  • Help with sleep.
  • And believe it or not – exercise can be fun!  Just ask anyone in our Zumba classes.

Another important five letter word is WATER.   The many benefits of water include:

  • Helps maintain our body fluids.
  • Helps to control calories consumed.
  • Helps to energize our muscles.
  • Keeps our skin looking amazing.
  • Helps to flush our kidneys and maintain normal bowel functions.

Don’t like water?  Start by having a glass of water with every meal and spice it up by adding limes, lemons or even mint to make it special.  Another trick is to eat fruits and vegetables high in water content.  Soon you will find that water is your beverage of choice.

No Diet - Lifestyle Changes

Next word has 10 letters and is MODERATION.  I like food but I also know that I cannot eat everything I want whenever I want to keep my weight and cholesterol under control.  It’s just a fact.   Fad diets also do not work because they basically tell you to starve yourself to be skinny.  For me, moderation is the key. That means 80% of the time, I strive to eat clean which means I avoid foods that have been processed and include fruits and vegetables into each meal.    If you do not feel good after eating, then you probably either overindulged or your body many not be processing what you ate quickly.   On the flip side, if you want a cookie – eat a cookie. If you repeatedly tell yourself no, you will become focused on it and it then becomes the forbidden fruit. Eventually you will give in but will probably eat more than just that one cookie.   If you keep moderation in your vocabulary, you are more likely to make better choices each day.

Swap out the four letter word diet for the words exercise, water, and moderation and you are well on your way to making permanent lifestyle changes for health and fitness.

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