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Moderation Is The Key To Permanent Weight Loss

I love to watch cooking shows.  I also love to read cookbooks.  Strange for a person that doesn’t like to cook right?  My husband laughs at me and tells me that I read cookbooks like they are best selling novels.  He does the cooking in our house which makes my reading cookbooks all the more comical.  The reason I like to read them is I am interested in other cultures and how they prepare their foods. I have learned so much about nutrition from these cookbooks.  Plus  I love to travel and have a list of countries I eventually want to tick off my bucket list.  What better way to be prepared for a country’s cuisine than by reading a cookbook of their meal recipes?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

One thing I have noticed lately is that the TV chefs are getting healthier.  Ditto the new cookbooks. I love to see how old recipes are being updated to new and healthier versions.  And even better?  All of these chefs, particularly the ones that have always been healthy or have recently lost weight, all state they can remain fit and healthy by making smart choices and eating in moderation.  These chefs all have maintained their weight loss permanently.  Matter of fact out of Chef Giada’s mouth was “moderation over deprivation.”  That has been my personal philosophy for years and it is so nice to hear folks that have a huge public forum advising moderation over deprivation – maybe one day we will all “get” it.

Many of us also know Chef Jamie Oliver who’s main focus is healthy foods in schools to help boost fitness in kids.  Not only does Chef Oliver promote healthy eating, he promotes cooking family meals at home with fresh ingredients and provides recipes that take less than 20 minutes from preparation to table.  That’s just about the amount of time it would take for you to get in your car, drive to a fast food restaurant, order, pick up your food and drive home. Healthy eating at home in moderation is key to his program also.

When you choose moderation over dieting – or deprivation as I personally think of dieting – you are able to make wise food choices versus trying to convince yourself that you should only have salad with no dressing every day at lunch.    If you knew you were going to have the same old salad with no dressing every single day, would you look forward to lunch? Not at all.  How likely would it be that you would one day decide to eat something else? For me after a few days I would probably want to eat ANYTHING but salad and my choices may not be so wise because I have been depriving myself.

Starting today, make changes in your lifestyle and THINK about what you are going to eat but don’t think from a dieting perspective. Your viewpoint should be one of health and fitness.  What foods are healthiest for you to eat today?  What foods provide the most nutrition?  Make the mind switch by saying out loud right now “I am going to make wise food choices today at meal and snack times.” Saying your goals out loud puts you in the right mindset and sets the tone for the day.  Choose healthy and fit over skinny and always remember You CAN do it!

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