Thoughts From Denise On The Fitness Journey Over 50

Healthy Is A Way Of Life AND Living

I’ve stayed in touch with many of my friends over the years.  Some go way back to elementary school! Over the years, I have had my ups and down with my own fitness and health but I’ve always exercised.  To this day, I am not on any medication and I truly believe that is due to being active throughout my life and right now at 52 I am in the best shape ever.

Many of my friends tell me that they cannot get healthy for one reason or another and to be honest with you?  It is a load of crap.  If you want to get healthy, you have to do the things every single day to get healthy.  You don’t say you are going to eat right then have chocolate cupcakes for breakfast with a soda. If you have not been taking care of your health, I am not going to tell you it will be a piece of cake to stay on track but you will push through if you are committed.  You have to start where you start and many times that is with getting mentally committed before you work on the nutrition and activity.  It like when you quit any bad habit.  You have to be mentally ready before you will follow through.

You can start with one thing then build on that one thing until you have created new healthy lifestyle habits.  For example, you may drink a lot of soda.  I have had people tell me they drink a 12 pack of Coke each day.  Starting with this habit, replace one coke with water.  You do not have a coke until you have finished drinking one tall glass of water.  You do this until you realize that at the time you used to grab a coke you are automatically grabbing a glass of water.  It could be replacing your soda at dinner with a glass of water.  The key is to do it consistently until you are no longer “thinking” about it.  Then continue until you have replaced most of your sodas with water.

Our ancestors used to have to hunt and forage for their food and shelter.  We do not have to do this but our bodies are still wired for activity.  Without this activity not only do our stress levels increase our energy levels decrease.  Your next habit should be to include activity each day into your life.  The best time for many people is the first thing in the morning.  Not only are you more likely to stay on track, you will feel much better as you go about your day.

Don’t make getting healthy harder than it has to be.  It is consistent daily steps to a healthy way of life and yes you CAN do it! Start today.

To your health,



Coach Denise

Denise Sanger is a high energy business owner with over 30 years experience in the marketing area.  She has transitioned her love of fitness and marketing into helping others succeed in their own businesses.   She founded How To Stay Fit Over 50 to provide hope and support to others by motivating them to take the first step in their fitness journey no matter what age.  Email her at or




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