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Exercise? Sometimes It Takes A Village!

I’ll be honest.  Yesterday I felt older than Moses as I was running/power walking the 5K.  Many times I felt like giving up and just strolling to the finish line.  Why didn’t I do just that?  Because I had friends that were right there with me encouraging me to keep going.  Without them, I would have given up.  Some days it’s like that with any type of exercise we try to do.

This week’s 5K trail was a winding journey through back streets of the small town near where I live.  Every corner brought another sign pointing in a new direction.  Ugg!! Why couldn’t it just be a straight line so I can get this over with went through my mind more times than I can count.  Why couldn’t it be easier?  Every time I thought we have to be close to the finish line, it seemed we would go back where we were 3 turns ago.  I think it was just a more challenging run for me since we were on some gravel roads.  It was a gorgeous route – IF I would have taken the time to relax and just enjoy the run but I was focused on Why? Why? Why?

Coming toward the end, my friend Jennifer and Coach Becky’s son-n-law Skyler were coming back to give moral support.  If it wasn’t for them, I think I would have given up and just walked the rest of the way but both of them were there to motivate not only me but another girl running the same pace I was.   Jennifer took my silly flamingo hat that I was carrying and carried it for me.  I asked how much longer until the end and Skyler said you just have to turn that corner and you’ll see the finish line.  THANK GOODNESS!! They provided the support and motivation at a critical time for me and I finished the race.

The funny thing is that they probably didn’t even realize how important they were to me yesterday.  They just gave their support – no questions asked.   There have been many times that I didn’t feel like going to the park to train for these 5K’s and the triathlon coming up but I know that I have friends that are there and that makes it easier to change, put my running shoes on and head over to the park.  Just seeing these amazing group of people is all it takes.  We don’t all run at the same speed – Coach Becky and Jennifer literally FLY around the park while others of us (me) woggle – which I think is a walk, jog and maybe a waddle 🙂

Bottom line?  For the most part, I’m a half-full glass kind of girl but there will be days that you struggle.  I had my day yesterday.  If you find yourself struggling to workout, search for people to train and workout with you.  These people have made all the difference in the world to me, particularly Coach Becky.  I am forever grateful for the day about 18 months ago that I walked into her gym.  I’m not where I want to be YET but I am down 40+ pounds and enjoying every single day.


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