Thoughts From Denise On The Fitness Journey Over 50

Good food? Bad food?

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Be careful what you tell yourself about what you’re eating.

Have you ever told yourself you can’t eat something because it’s “bad”? Meaning it’s a food you should not eat? Or not on your “diet”? When you tell yourself that something is bad and you shouldn’t eat it, what happens when you do? You feel terrible don’t you?

We make ourselves so miserable when we tell ourselves we can’t have something. When you do eat something you’ve told yourself is “bad”, you can feel discouraged or disappointed in yourself. At least that’s what ALWAYS happens to me. Then I proceed to decide screw it and overindulge and then I truly will feel like crap.

You may have read it here before or heard me say it online but here it is again: The body “hears” everything you think and say. When you say something is a bad food, the body responds to it as a bad food through how you feel both physically and mentally.

Fact of the matter is some foods are more nutritious for us than other foods. Doesn’t that sound MUCH better than good or bad foods? The best game plan and the one I personally follow is to choose and eat more nutritious foods first. (For a good, common sense nutrition program, I recommend this: 2B Mindset. Easy to follow and simply MAKES SENSE.)

Notice I am not telling myself I can or cannot have something. I am “choosing” to fuel my body with nutritious foods leaving wiggle room for a less nutritious food possibly later. The majority of the time? I never eat the less nutritious food because I’m content from eating the nutritious foods first.

So how does this look in real life? Here’s an example from lunch yesterday:

All nutritious foods right? I eat the eggs (protein) with my salad (carbs & fat). Plums, still nutritious, I eat after if I’m still hungry. Generally I am not because my lunch is balanced protein/carb/fat.

Yesterday after I ate this lunch at the gym, someone came in with chocolate chip cookies. Yes you can bet I took 2. How can anyone turn down fresh baked chocolate chip cookies? But I was content because I CHOSE to eat the more nutritious foods first SAVING the less nutritious foods for later.

Never once did I tell myself the chocolate chip cookies were “bad” foods. If you can teach yourself to think this way throughout the day, drink the water your body needs, and exercise whether it’s in the yard, taking a walk or going to the gym, you will save yourself a LOT of time feeling guilty. For me at 59, ain’t no one got time to feel guilty.

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