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Why I don’t diet anymore; and you shouldn’t either.

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Ever realize diet has the word “die” in it?

Really hate the word diet. And not only do I not use the word diet, I also don’t use the word hate but in this case they’re the perfect words to use. Another thing I don’t do? I don’t diet anymore.

There are so many reasons not to use the term diet but for me the main reason is it signals deprivation in my brain. And when my brain receives the signal that it can’t have something, that something is all it wants and craves.

It’s been proven many times that we need to focus on the positive not the negative; focus on what you want in your life. Not what you don’t. My mother n law used to tell me never pray for patience because you’re going to be tested over and over.

The same applies when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. If you want to lose weight, you should tell yourself you will easily reach your goal weight. Not that you need to diet. Two very different signals to the body don’t you agree?

Since I have my focus off the word diet and put it on eating clean and moving my body with exercise, I am easily moving in the right direction toward my goal. Currently, I am down 55 pounds. Finally, after my hysterectomy.

These are the exact things I teach my clients as well. And always remember there are many more signs that you’re moving in the right direction outside those little numbers on the scale.

How about you feel better? Or your clothes are looser? Or maybe your blood pressure is down? Or my favorite this week from one of my coaching clients? “Denise, the doctor took me off one of my medications.” That’s a huge WIN in my book.