The most important 5 minutes of your day.

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Screaming alarm clock or waking naturally? Which is better for the body? Truth of the matter is the first five minutes of your day are the most important so be aware of what you’re doing with them.

Most of us start that day by swatting at the alarm clock to turn the blasted thing off. Why? We don’t allow our bodies the proper amount of sleep most nights and wake exhausted. Imagine how much nicer your morning could be if you turned off the TV or put down your phone a few minutes earlier and got a good night’s rest. What would happen? You might wake up naturally refreshed and ready to face the day.

I used to live by that blasted alarm clock but no more. When I made it a priority to spend time winding down in the evening before bed, it was easier for me to fall asleep. In the morning I generally woke before the alarm clock went off. It’s refreshing to wake up calmly versus being jarred awake.

For me the first five minutes of my day seem to set the tone for how the day will roll out. When I wake stressed, I tend to feel stressed the rest of the day.

Before I even get out of bed, I take a few moments to meditate and pray followed by a few deep breaths. Breathing deeply before you get out of bed is a signal to your respiratory system that it’s time to get up and get moving. As a yoga instructor, I know first hand how important breathing is to the body. Simply slowing down and breathing in the morning is proven to reduce stress.

Next I make my bed. I’m not sure why this simple act of making my bed makes such a difference but it helps me start my day feeling like I accomplished something. It’s also nice to get into a made bed in the evening.

The final thing I do in that five minutes is to think about three to five things that I’m grateful for. Thinking about what you ALREADY have in your life puts a positive spin on how you approach the day. Basically when you start the day positively, the day flows smoothly. (I recommend this next: Time to reset.)

Three simple things that take five minutes or less can make a world of difference in how we view the rest of the day. In the craziness we currently find ourselves living, we owe it to ourselves to take a few moments to relax, breathe and be grateful.