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Time to reset.

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We live in an increasingly complex society and you should press the reset button every once in a while.

As Covid-19 turned into the monster I’m not sure any of us thought it would be, my first thought was fear. Fear for family and friends with compromised immune systems. Fear for those on the front line and in the supply chain – my husband being one of them. Fear about earning a living as the gym closed and I was no longer able to teach my fitness classes. Fear of things never returning to normal. But along the way, that changed.

Before Covid-19, I was extremely wrapped up in my daily to do list. Talking to others I have found many were and some still are dealing with the same tunnel vision I had. Not taking time to be with and do the things most important to us. Simply not taking time to live our lives.

Some time during this Covid journey, I realized we had been given a gift. The gift to reset. It doesn’t do us good to look backward. After all as the saying goes hindsight is 20/20. But we can take what we have learned from this unexpected gift many of us have been given to make things different.

Yes we can focus on the negative things especially when we’re bombarded 24/7. However, what we need to remember is we have freedom of choice; the power to make decisions in our day of what we will or won’t do.

A big part of living a healthy lifestyle is balance. Balance between working and not. Balance between eating clean but allowing wiggle room to have a special treat. Balance in our exercise to make sure we are cross training so that our bodies don’t adapt to the same exercise routine. And most important balance to allow us time to do the things we love to do. To simply breathe.

This balance won’t happen overnight. Shoot it took me three weeks from the beginning of the lock down to relax my shoulders and let the stress of daily life fall away.

By the fourth week of lock down, I was spending more time with my husband. Eating and sleeping better. More time meditating. And most important finding time to do the things I love to do with those I love to do them with. By making the conscious decision to not work 24/7 I have found time. Time to spend doing things I haven’t or should I say WASN’T making the time to do.

Today, take a good hard look at how your life has been the past few weeks. Have you spent the time you wanted with your family? Have you followed through with those healthy goals you’ve set for yourself. And most important, have you allowed yourself to hit the reset button?

Hopefully you have. If you haven’t yet, what’s stopping you? Go ahead and hit that reset button. Have an amazing week.

To your health,


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