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Decisions. Decisions.

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What a roller coaster the past two months have been. Not only have we been told to socially isolate and wear a mask, we’ve also dealt with a toilet paper shortage and now a meat shortage. If someone would have told us in advance the world as we know it would be closed and not reopening for two months, I’m not sure any of us would have believed it. This is the craziest thing I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. (If you missed it, read this next: Our New Normal?)

The question for many is how fast should we return to places we used to go like the gym or restaurants? I’m not sure anyone has the answer to be honest. Watching the news is like watching a tennis match.

One source will tell you one thing while switching to a different source, gives an opposite point of view. We have enough tests. We don’t have enough tests. Cases are down. Cases are up. The unknown makes health decisions a bit difficult.

My morning classes will return to the gym schedule the week of May 25th after the Memorial Day holiday. Will people attend class? I honestly don’t know but can tell folks that all CDC guidelines have been put in place including social distancing in the fitness room. Decisions though must be made on an individual basis.

If you live with someone that has a medical issue and should not be exposed to this virus or any virus for that matter, it is probably best you continue social distancing. Because the gym and myself understand this valid concern, I will continue broadcasting my classes online for those that want to wait a bit longer before returning.

If you and those you live with are healthy, you may be ready to return to some normalcy and the schedule you had before. Our new normal is to be conscious of everything we touch and come in contact with. We are washing our hands many times a day along with wearing a mask and carrying antibiotic wipes every where we go.

Some of us are excited to be able to do things we like to do. Others are more cautious. Continuing these new habits we’ve created along with using commons sense will go a long way toward protecting us as we reemerge into this beautiful world we live in. If at any time you don’t feel safe, don’t do it.

Have an amazing week.


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