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3 Workouts Every Woman Over 50 Should Do

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Every woman over 50 is beautiful. We’ve survived many obstacles in our lives making us older and wiser. I think my biggest aha moment at this point in my life (59) is to let go of things I have no control of. It’s very freeing when you simply release and let go anything.

When it comes to our health and wellness though we can tend to micro focus on our weight. Do anything and everything we can possibly think of to make those numbers on the scale move down. Fact of the matter? It’s better for us if we focus on simply feeling good in the skin we’re in. Our sexy selves over 50.

When we focus on what we perceive as lack on our lives, guess what happens? That negativity festers and it’s all we keep coming back to. That which is not perfect about ourselves. It’s time to stop especially when it comes to our weight. I don’t care what those numbers on the scale say, you are perfect exactly the way you are. It’s time to love ourselves and be happy every single day.

One of the easiest ways we can focus on how good we feel is through exercise. Working out is not only good for a physically but mentally as well. You’ll find after a good sweat, you’re more focused. Happier. Calmer.

Below are the three workouts every woman over 50 should do:

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  1. HIIT. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. Why should you do HIIT training? It’s combination cardio/strength training which works not only your muscles but your heart as well. We need to maintain our cardio and muscles strength as we age and HIIT training will do it. My choice as a HIIT workout? Tabata. Tabata is 20 seconds high intensity followed by 10 seconds recovery and is one of the classes I teach in my online fitness classes. Even though we are not focused on weight loss in this article, Tabata/HIIT workouts are proven to also boost metabolism.
  2. Strength training. You’ve probably noticed you have to work a bit harder to build muscle. That makes it even more important that as a woman over 50,we focus on strength training. Resistance training – think workouts with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, resistance bands – can reverse the muscle loss we deal with as we age.
  3. Yoga. As far as I’m concerned the most important exercise for any woman over 50 is yoga. Yoga strengthens your core and every muscle in your body including those in your feet which helps with balance. You may not think too much about your bones but as we age our bone density decreases. Yoga helps strengthens your bones. In addition, yoga helps with chronic pain. A recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine found that for people with chronic lower back pain, yoga increased mobility more than standard medical care. That’s huge. Bottom line whether you’re 50 or 90, yoga can benefit you.

If there is one thing I want you to take away after reading this article is that working out helps us do exactly that – feel good in the skin we’re in. I hope that now you do. Namaste.

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