Best Ab Workouts For Women

Best Ab Workouts For Women

We all know that you cannot spot reduce one part of your body BUT there definitely are things you can do.

Remember that abs are made in the kitchen so it’s even more important that you eat clean.  Do you struggle with eating clean? Not sure what to eat or how much to eat?

If you need help with your nutrition, I recommend Paleo or Meditteranean  (click here for info on Paleo) to curb cravings and keep you on track.  Also helps with sugar cravings if that affects you. Eating clean will help you get a strong core when combined with yoga. That’s what I’m doing and it’s made a HUGE difference in my belly.

It’s very important that you remember to “engage” your core when doing ab exercises. To do this visualize pulling your belly button toward your back.

Another way that may help you is to think how you feel when you lie down on the bed to zip up really tight jeans when you pull in your belly – that’s also engaging your core.

Planks. One exercise to do every day is the plank. You can see how to start in my video below.

The most important thing you need to do to work on those abs? Start. You can do it. Get started today.

This is the best online program I’ve found for yoga that you can start at any level that will really help you get a strong core and abs: YogaBurn  Perfect for ANY level.

tighten your core

Tighten your core with this exercise program.

Is it possible to tighten your core?

As women, we are super concerned about our mid-section and our core; especially as we get older. Seems we have more trouble in this area. Men do too just not in the same way as women but it’s something they need to address as well.

Over and over and over, I get asked 2 questions the most. What can I do for my “bat” wings (triceps behind the arm) and how can I flatten my tummy. My answer to both is you cannot spot reduce one area of the body. But you can do something to tone your arms and tighten your core which will help minimize the belly. Read this next: Flat Abs Takes More Than Crunches. Here’s what to do.

tighten your core

I’ve been working out my entire life from competing on the swim team as a teenager to playing softball to the gym and competing in triathlons. These days you’ll find me teaching fitness classes focused on women and men over 50.

Yoga not only strengthens our body and improves our balance, it’s an overall body toner. Think you won’t get cardio with yoga? You would be wrong. Include a few Sun Salutations and you’ll quickly raise your heart rate and get your heart pounding.

The one class of mine that is the most popular and is actually by far the best for toning the body? My Gentle Flow Yoga class. The two pics are of me during my yoga practice. You can do these poses right?

My yoga class is literally packed wall to wall every day. And for good reason. Yoga is very focused on strength, flexibility and balance. All which begins with a strong core.

Yes we need cardio for strong hearts and lungs. Yes we need strength training to keep our muscles strong. But if there were time for only one class, I would absolutely recommend yoga because it hits all of the above.

Most important though as we age? Yoga keeps your body strong and flexible including your tummy and core. If you are over 50, even 40, by far the best change you can make to improve your overall health is to add yoga to your weekly schedule.

If you can’t find a Gentle Flow or Beginner Yoga Class, I recommend this online program. It’s very affordable and great for beginners. You can get more info here: Shapeshifter Yoga

If you are planning on taking a class, try several. You may find that there are yoga teachers you resonate well with and others that you simply don’t connect with. And that’s okay. It’s important that you find a practice that works for YOU.