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Healthy Living: It’s All About That Core.

Because it’s all about that core, bout that core. (Hummed to the tune of “It’s All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainer) A few years back, Meghan Trainer launched her hit  “It’s All About That Bass”.  I loved that song because I like that she is different from other pop singers. Uniqueness always appeals to… Read More Healthy Living: It’s All About That Core.

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It’s All About That Core!

Have you heard the song “It’s all about that bass” from Meghan Trainor?  LOVE that song because it’s about being happy with your body as it IS.  Found myself humming it in my head yesterday while doing Coach Becky’s BURST Fitness™ Abs which motivated me to write this article for you today. “It’s all about that core!”… Read More It’s All About That Core!