Thoughts From Denise On The Fitness Journey Over 50

Want to live to be 100? Don’t Fall.

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Want to live to be 100? Don’t fall.

We’ve been getting quite a bit of rain here in North Central Florida.  The summertime rain pattern is dropping some serious rain just about every afternoon – at least over in my side of the county.

In between raindrops or storms – I run back and forth to the office or to feed the horses.  One time while hurrying to beat the next storm, I took off across the pack porch hit the the concrete pad that is off the porch and hydroplaned on my flip flops.   I tell you I was slipping and sliding for a good few feet and what is going through my head? Don’t fall, Denise. Don’t fall.

Why would the thought don’t fall pop into my head as I’m trying to maintain my balance? Well to be honest, I have plans to live a good long life  and have read along the way if I you want to live to be 100, don’t fall.  Luck and genetics play roles in how long we live but as we get older, falls account for serious injuries to our bodies.

There are many reasons people fall from slipping as I did to balance problems, medication we take daily, or poor muscle strength.  Lucky for me, I’m active and work on balance in all of my fitness classes.  If I did not have a strong core which enabled me to maintain my balance, I would have wiped out and what I sight that would have been – at least for the horses because I was by myself when this happened.

How can we prevent falls?  The following are a few tips but one of the BEST things you can do for your body is to take the time to exercise and strengthen your muscles.  EXACTLY what we work on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Silver Sneakers.

  • Wear rubber soled shoes or sneakers.  My flip flops have a flat bottom which kept my from getting traction as I stepped on to the slippery concrete. If you know the concrete or walkway can be slippery when wet, walk on the grass or wait until the ground is dry.
  • If you have trouble with slow reflexes, poor vision, or any issue that may affect your balance, use a cane or walker.
  • In your home, keep rooms and all areas you walk free of clutter.
  • If your floor or tile tend to be slippery, use plastic runners or non-slip carpet runners. Be sure rugs have skid proof backs.
  • Put grab bars in the bathroom especially near the toilet , tub and shower and USE THEM.

Most important?  Strengthen your body and muscles which will improve your balance. Join a  Silver Sneakers class where the focus is on improving and maintaining lifestyle skills.  Can’t get to a class? These exercises can help:

  1. Alternate standing on one leg at a time for one minute. Then add time as you improve.
  2. Work your calf muscles. Stand on your toes then rock back to your heals.
  3. Standing on one leg, make a big circle with the other working and lubricating the hip socket.  Do not move your shoulders or feet.

If you do find yourself falling, try to fall forward or back on your butt versus falling on your side which my injure your hip.  Most important? Remember, the stronger your body is including your bones, the less likely it is you will fall. Get up and get moving.

I am passionate about removing chemicals from my home and family. If you are not busy Saturday, 8/11 at 10 a.m. won’t you  join me at Country Strong Gym for a free educational class which will explain why it’s important to eliminate chemicals from our homes and on our bodies.  There will be refreshments, mineral make-up match, giveaways and more.

Have a wonderful week!


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