Thoughts From Denise On The Fitness Journey Over 50

Don’t say that ugly “C” word.

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So many times when talking to young kids and teens, there is a word that always seems to come up.  Can’t.  What do you want to be when you grow up. Response? I want to be xxx but I CAN’T because.  Do you want to go to college?  I want to but I CAN’T because.  It really makes me sad because I’ve always told my daughters they can do or be anything they set their minds to do.  Keep moving forward every day toward your goal and you will get there. After all if you quit, you won’t. Simple as that.

Last week I was talking to one of the owners, Scott,  of Country Strong Gym in Live Oak about CrossFit.  The gym recently added CrossFit For Life Patriot classes to their schedule and we were chatting about the times and classes.  My sister does CrossFit in Maryland and loves it.  She talks about the competitions they compete in right from the gym and it’s something I’ve tossed around doing myself.

Imagine my surprise when talking to Scott and what comes out of my mouth? I CAN’T.  If you have been reading this column for anytime you know my tag line is YES YOU CAN.  Well talk about feeling like a hypocrite.  I did not even give it a try.  How could I know whether or not I could do the class?

The thing about CrossFit is it’s designed for all fitness levels.  You will see kids to seniors taking a CrossFit class.  Men, women, and even those with disabilities can do CrossFit.  There are modifications for any level and the setting is designed as a community that supports each other.

So what was the topic du jour that made me say that ugly “c” word?  Pull-ups and hand-stands. IMMEDIATELY out of my mouth were the words I can’t do either a pull-up or a hand-stand. I don’t have the upper body strength.   Honest confession, I’m shuddering thinking about a pull-up.

Scott (retired Special Forces) explained  there are levels designed to help you move from beginner to being able to do a pull-up or a hand-stand.  I may not have the upper strength to do it TODAY but if I make the commitment to learn what I need to do from my beginner level, I will be able to do one.

Wondering what’s going to happen next? Well this 57 year old woman made the commitment to take a CrossFit class either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning as those are the days I don’t teach morning classes at the gym. Fingers crossed that the day after I take the class, I’ll be able to teach my own morning classes.  After all, morning folks are my favorite folks of all! Who wants to join me?

I’ll keep you posted but always remember, YES YOU CAN!  Have a wonderful week.

To your health,


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