How many calories do we use doing chores? Can you lose weight cleaning?

How many calories do we use doing chores? Can you lose weight cleaning?

Is cleaning the house a secret workout routine in disguise? Well, my late mother-in-law certainly believed so. She was on a quest to find the magic formula for weight loss including cleaning. But can you lose weight cleaning?

My mother n law tried every pill, potion, and maybe even some enchanted broomsticks in her pursuit of shedding pounds. But here’s the twist, folks!

While I, too, dabbled in the quick-fix weigh loss equation, I eventually had an epiphany – weight loss isn’t a one-size-fits-all spell. It’s all about those lifestyle choices, not chasing fairy-tale results.

The biggest difference between us? I discovered the power of embracing sweaty lunch breaks, courtesy of the company fitness center at my BP Oil Corporate gig in Cleveland. Thirty-minute aerobic classes, a speedy shower, and a salad for lunch – talk about multitasking!

My dear mother-in-law, though, couldn’t quite wrap her head around my midday sweat sessions. She’d cock an eyebrow and wonder why I’d willingly turn my work attire into workout gear. I’d explain that it made me feel better, both physically and mentally, and that it was my stress-busting secret.

But every conversation would inevitably circle back to the magic weight loss spell. I’d tell her the secret incantation: “Exercise!” Her response? Always a sassy, “Don’t you think I do enough around here?”

To which I’d respond with a resounding “No. You won’t lose weight cleaning as you normally do” Her usual household chores just weren’t cutting it on the calorie-burning front. It was time for a potion upgrade – increased activity and a dash of nutrition.

You see, our bodies are like shape-shifters, adapting to whatever we throw at them. The daily grind becomes a walk in the park for our resilient physiques.

She didn’t like my spiel, insisting that cleaning, laundry, and cooking had to burn calories. Technically, she was right – every move you make does torch some calories.

So, how do household chores stack up against the exhilarating dance of Zumba or a brisk jog in the park? Let’s break it down:

  • Sweeping floors: About 80 calories
  • Mopping floors: Around 85 calories
  • Washing dishes (including a bit of walking): Roughly 50 calories
  • Moving household items, rearranging furniture, and playing Tetris with boxes: A solid 275 calories

Now, don’t be disappointed if these numbers don’t quite match your expectations. I had high hopes for the calorie-burning magic of chores, too.

But even if you go full-blitz on household tasks, you’ll only torch about 100 calories in 30 minutes. You’d need a few hours of Cinderella-style cleaning to replace a proper workout, and trust me, the magic clock strike would come long before you’re done!

But here’s the real enchantment in all of this: no matter what you choose to do, whether it’s a Zumba dance-off or battling dust bunnies, getting up and moving is your ticket to health and wellness. So, wave your mop wand or shake it to Zumba – the choice is yours!

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Looking for a Flat Stomach? These Tips Will Help You On Your Journey.

Looking For A Flat Stomach? These Tips Will Help You On Your Journey.

Want a flat stomach? How about weight loss? How are you doing there? What if I told you if you want to lose weight you can NEVER eat pizza again.

Or fill in the blank. You can NEVER have chocolate again. You can NEVER have tacos again. You can NEVER have ice cream again. How crazy does that sound to you?

We all dream of flaunting a flat stomach. We want to look and feel good, but deep down, we know it’s not as simple as cutting out our favorite treats or targeting just one body part for exercise.

And yet, we’re still tempted by diets that demand we abstain from certain foods or, even crazier, consume a single food like cabbage exclusively for weeks.

Sure, cabbage has its merits (check out my yummy crock pot cabbage soup recipe), but living on it alone for two weeks? No, thank you; we’d rather keep our sanity intact.

We understand that variety is the spice of life, but sometimes we fall for the allure of strict diets in the quest for a quick fix. Why? It’s the idea of shedding pounds in a snap.

However, what we need is a reality check. It didn’t take us a week to gain the weight we now want to lose, so why do we expect it to disappear overnight?

Everybody and EVERY body is unique, and what works for one person may not work for you. Our bodies also change as we age, so what worked wonders before might not be as effective now.

So, what’s the plan? First, decide to prioritize your health and well-being, and then explore nutrition and exercise programs tailored to your individual needs.

For weight loss, you have a smorgasbord of nutrition programs to choose from, including Weight Watchers, Whole30, or even Paleo. After picking a nutrition plan, take a moment to ensure it aligns with your lifestyle.

If your work involves frequent travel, a more flexible program like Weight Watchers or Paleo, which accommodates dining out, might be a better fit. I have tried and actually did very well on Paleo.

What happened is somewhere along the line, my taste changed, and it caused an aversion to meat. I do still recommend it though for those that do not have this issue.

These are a delicious snack you can have while following Paleo to not feel deprived: Hu Kitchen The milk chocolate bars are out of this world!

As of today, I have been following the Mediterranean diet for quite some time and have been doing quite well with it. This is the book that started the journey for me: Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

I love this program because it was easy to use for my lifestyle. It’s essential to make your nutrition easy to incorporate into your daily life; this increases the likelihood of staying on course.

On the flip side, a diet that’s overly restrictive and tough to maintain day-to-day will likely lead to frustration and a quick surrender.

The same principle applies to exercise. Even if you can spare just 10 minutes, that’s better than nothing. Ever tried a kettlebell? This little iron ball with handles can deliver a solid workout in less than 15 minutes. Admit it; you can find a small window in your day for a quick exercise session.

As for me, when someone tells me I can’t have something, it’s ALL I can think about. That’s why I prefer a program with a little wiggle room for those inevitable slip-ups.

Yes, I have them, and you will too. But do they matter? Not in the grand scheme of things. Just keep moving forward and working toward that flat stomach.

What matters is what you do next: get right back on track. You’ve got this! The links below will help you on your journey: