Weight Loss Motivational Expert Speakers

We have a goal to help 100,000 people this year become fit and healthy and we would love to help you spread the word at your event or with a private interview.  We offer weight loss motivation, fitness motivation, and more.  Our speaking topics are:

  1. Yes You CAN!  Health and fitness begins in our minds.    This program is designed to help people get their mindset correct to be successful not only with fitness but with all things in life.
  2. Faith and Fitness.  This program is designed to help people understand that they are never alone.  God walks with you and supports you through every trial and tribulation.
  3. Nobody And NO BODY Is Perfect.  Being grateful for where you are right now today will help you push through to a healthy spirit and body.
  4. No Diet Way To Lose Weight.  Eating balanced, clean meals are the way to permanent weight loss success.  We show you how.

We offer hour, half day and full day seminars at your location.  Please complete the form below and we will be in contact with you to discuss your needs further.  We LOVE speaking to live audiences and would love to hear about your event.

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