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You are your only competition.

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Your ONLY competition is yourself.

You made the decision that you are going to live a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t an easy decision for you to make but once you did, you were all in.  You have been working your tail off to stay on track with exercise and eating healthy. The scale is reflecting your hard word. Maybe not as fast as you would like, but definitely going in the right direction. You are feeling pretty good too.


This is my fitness journal and I love it!Then the next time we walk into the gym, we see someone who we compare ourselves too.  We think why don’t I look like her? Or why am I not making progress as fast as he is?  Or we run into an old friend who looks like they have not gained a pound since high school. All of the sudden you feel like you have not made much progress at all. You feel bad and admit it. A little jealous.  We have all been there.

As soon as we start to compare ourselves to others, we lose confidence in what we are doing and how far we have come.  When this happens, we need to take a deep breath and remember the reason we are in that gym to begin with. No one can do the workout for you.  No one can lift those weights for you.  No one knows how hard you have been working to stay on track with your eating except you.

Each of us in on a unique journey and we are not all the same.  Some of us are genetically gifted with a slender build while others of us – me included – didn’t even see single digits the day we were born. 10 pound baby in the house!   You have read it here before but I’m going to write it again.  One size does not fit all and we all progress at different rates.

The perfect example is my husband stopped drinking sweet tea and lost 15 pounds.  Here I am in the gym five days a week on track with my eating 80% of the time lucky to lose 1/2 pound. How is that even fair?

But you know what? I lost 1/2 pound last week which is in the right direction.  The comparison I make is that I am better than I was a month ago or even a year ago. My competition is the one in the mirror that looks back at me.  My goal is to simply be better tomorrow than I was today.

Be kind to yourself.  Health is a journey and sometimes when you think you have it figured out, you run into a hard right turn.  Simply breathe, regroup, and allow yourself to grow. Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.

Today’s you is better than yesterday’s you and tomorrow’s you will be even better than today’s you.  Focus on you and only you.  And remember YES YOU CAN!

Have a wonderful week.

To your health,





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