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Why I don’t do Keto anymore.

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Keto. The latest and greatest diet program – or is it really?

Have I tried keto? Of course I have. I’m a shiny object taker when it comes to the latest and greatest ways to lose weight. Especially since my hysterectomy when my metabolism came to a screeching halt. How did it work? Well not so great and I’ll tell you why.

Many friends were trying keto including some that I respect in the fitness industry and seemed to be having success losing weight. I thought well it’s working for them, let me see if it’ll work for me too. And it did – for roughly two weeks.

I easily dropped seven pounds before I started feeling terrible. Really terrible. Sluggish. Loss of energy. No motivation which is really tough for someone who’s a fitness instructor. Folks advised me to push through; it was probably the keto flu. So I did for another week. Result? No change. Still felt not up to par is the best way to describe it.

I gradually transitioned over to Paleo which actually made more sense to me versus keto. My family has a history of cardiovascular and cholesterol issues and here I am clogging my arteries with fat? Hello? Can you say light bulb moment?

Already dealing with high cholesterol, I was SHOCKED by the next test results I received. My cholesterol had skyrocketed and the good cholesterol tanked. That’s not good for someone with a genetic background like mine. My father died at 44 with a cause of death on his death notice as hardening of the arteries.

I wholeheartedly believe that exercise is what saved me. The transition to paleo wasn’t a difficult one and actually makes sense for my lifestyle. Years later and I’m still following a similar program but now I’m roughly 80-85% vegetarian. I do eat some seafood and feel much better physically.

Yes keto may work for you. I believe one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to our health and wellness. If it does, congratulations but keep an eye on your cholesterol as you age.

If you’ve tried the ketogenic diet and are not feeling so great but are not quite sure what to do next, be kind to yourself. It may take your body some time to rebound. For me, I stopped fairly quickly and shifted to Paleo which was an easy transition for me. For several of my friends though, they stayed on it longer and really struggled with how they felt along with being unable to lose weight.

The best thing you can do is slowly shift back to what you were doing before you tried keto. Or like I did, make the transition to paleo. This is a great cookbook that will help you with recipes: Paleo Grubs Book Plus Bonuses

Keep moving forward until you find what works for YOU.