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What exactly is clean eating anyway?

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What exactly is clean eating anyway?   The last couple of articles, I’ve been sharing easy ways to move forward in your fitness journey.  Today, I want to quickly share what clean eating really is.

Eating clean isn’t something new but it does seem like everyone has jumped on the bandwagon proclaiming their NEW eating clean program.  I’ve been eating clean for more than 3 years now when I first started researching paleo eating.  It evolved from that point and it’s all that I do. I don’t diet – I just watch what I eat and right now follow this Paleo program: Click Here!

This is all eating clean is:

Eat real food.  By this I mean to eat chicken and vegetables instead of a processed chicken pot pie. Even worse, stopping by a fast food joint and buying a chicken pot pie. We all have these wholesome ideas of what a chicken pot pie is but did you know that besides the 1000 calories in that pot pie, there are also preservatives, additives and who knows what else in it. Keep it simple and choose grilled chicken with veggies.  Add a whole grain biscuit for the effect of the crust.

Avoid “diet” “fat-free” “sugar-free” foods.  Why? When they take something out to make it diet or “free” you can bet that they are adding something else in.  eating healthy

Say no to Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers frozen or processed meals. Why? Same reason as bullet point #2. They take something out they put something artificial in.  Better to prepare your snacks and meals at home so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Eat your food as close to its natural source as possible.  For example, choose an apple first. Next would be organic natural apple sauce. Last would be apple juice.  The more the food is processed means more of the good stuff is taken out.

Watch for more tips and recipes on eating clean. Need help getting on track?  Reach out to me. By far the BEST thing I ever did for my own health was to learn to eat clean. That is what started me on my journey as a fitness coach using this Paleo Program and I have kept the weight off for over 4 years now and it’s not be hard to do it.  In addition to my group challenges I also do private one on one coaching.  It’s all about YOU and YOUR journey.  Email me at and let’s get you moving forward.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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