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Weight Loss After Hysterectomy Or Menopause

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Before I get too far along, I want to tell the guys in our community and that visit our blog that this post will be about women and weight loss after hysterectomy or menopause and may contain TMI or too much information as the letters signify.  Yet I know many of you will read this blog because your wife or significant other may be experiencing menopause or pending hysterectomy.  I say to you guys – you rock!  There should be nothing secretive about this time in a women’s life and I’m happy that we live in a time when the information and experiences from others is freely available.  Reading about what other women experienced helped me tremendously in my recovery from my hysterectomy.

Now that said let’s start with the statements that I am not a doctor and no two women or experiences are alike. I am describing MY experiences. If you find that you are in the same position I was before I had my surgery, I would like to kindly tell you to please sit down and talk to your doctor.  If you don’t feel comfortable after that conversation, get a second opinion. Make the BEST decision you can make for YOU.

Many of you know that I had a complete hysterectomy including removal of my ovaries back in December and one of the questions I always get is weight loss after hysterectomy difficult? Before I answer that question I want to tell you that I had not felt as good as I do now in at least 10 years. I honestly wished that I hadn’t waited as long as I did to have the procedure.  My issue caused me to be severely anemic on top of experiencing major pain every month – LIKE CLOCK WORK.  I don’t know why after I turned 40 that my period decided to be on time each month but it was. On top of that  just about every other month to every third month would find me non-functional and on the couch due to heavy bleeding and pain.  I had cysts on both ovaries and fibroid tumors in my uterus.

The doctor scheduled me for laparoscopic surgery only to find out that my uterus was so enlarged I wouldn’t be able to have that surgery and would have to be cut from hip to hip.  When I found this out after surgery, it explained why certain months I would look at least 6 months pregnant.  Not a pretty picture right?

Flash forward eight months and I feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. If you and your doctor determine that a hysterectomy is the way to go for better health,  I would tell you that I wish I hadn’t waited as long as I did.   I was up and about the day after surgery and was able to go back to the gym after a few weeks – but I listened to my body and kept everything low impact including my Zumba classes.  Keep in mind that I have always been very active and the sitting around was making me crazy – my body craves movement.  You may not feel the way I did and may need to rest longer and it’s important that you listen to YOUR BODY because each of us is unique.

Although I was in the age range for menopause, my period remained on time every month.  I did experience hot flashes but nothing major and I was able to lose weight during that time that I  have successfully kept off for more than 3 years by eating clean, portion control and exercise.  This is the exact reason I am so passionate and recommend the 21 Day Fix program – it covers all 3 areas – eating clean, portion control and exercise.   The only thing I can tell you about menopause and weight loss was that it didn’t really have an effect on my weight.     Again every one is different and this may not be your experience but for me eating clean and exercising daily kept me on track before my surgery and continues to keep me on track today.

Weight Loss After Hysterectomy How To Stay Fit Over 50

Now the next question – how difficult has it been to lose weight since I had my hysterectomy?  I can honestly tell you I have not lost but I have gained a few pounds since my surgery that I have been actively trying to shed.  It’s only a few pounds and I’m not stressing over it because as I mentioned above, I feel better than I have in at least the last 10 years.  The weight is not concerning to me because I am keeping in mind that my body is still recovering from the major surgery.   I am in the same clothes I was wearing before surgery and I am still just as active but I am experiencing difficulty losing inches in my waist.  But again, my surgery was less than a year ago and I must be kind to myself and give my body the time it needs to completely recover.

Right now I am watching carbs and have eliminated “white” from my diet including bread, flour, rice, and pasta.  Will this help? I don’t know because I have been eating clean at least 80% of the time for several years so you’ll have to bookmark and check back to see how it’s going.  I am keeping a journal which includes what I am eating along with exercise and will be happy to share it with you.   I use My Fitness Pal because it’s easy to keep it updated and it includes a free app for my phone.

At the end of the day, we go through much during our lifetime and when we do have a medical issue we have to not be so hard on ourselves.  We must give our bodies the time it needs to recover and keep moving forward every day.  As I often tell my clients and folks on Facebook – baby steps.  I am listening to myself.  🙂

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