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Refining The Fire Christian Women’s Health Retreat

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RESCHEDULED TO 4/13-4/14/18 due to bad weather.

An exclusive Christian Women’s Health Retreat to help you refine the fire within your soul. Clear your mind and let go of what was holding you back in 2017 while you take a few days to focus on your body & soul alongside other Christian women.

Powerful things happen when women gather together. This retreat will allow you to be inspired as well as inspire other women. Experience several informational sessions including one with Marlene Summers ARNP, CNM focusing on women’s reproductive health from childbirth to menopause.

Not sure about you but in my mid-50’s and all of a sudden it felt like my body was invaded by aliens.  What in the world was going on?  Can’t sleep.  Hard to get out of bed in the morning because I had no energy nor desire to do so. When I tell you mood swings! One moment I wanted to hang my husband from his fingernails from a tree to the next moment, feeling down.  And weight gain. As in WEIGHT GAIN that I cannot control. I’m eating the way I’m supposed to be. Balanced as we are taught to do and I gain 15 pounds while training for a marathon. There was something seriously wrong.

That is when an appointment with Marlene Summers provided information and a solution that works.  She will be speaking about this and many issues that women face in an environment where you will feel safe. Ask questions that you haven’t felt comfortable talking about with anyone including your best friend and walk away feeling better than you have in a long time.

Join our event page here:  Refining The Fire Christian Women’s Health Retreat 

Saturday morning will begin with breakfast followed by a geocaching hike. After mid-morning break, you can choose to grab a cup of coffee and join Stephanee Phillips for a Coffee & Canvas sessions where you will be able to create a spiritual masterpiece to remind you of the weekend, OR opt to go canoeing on the beautiful Suwannee River.

Lunch will follow the morning events leading into the healthy body session with Marlene Summers. Mid-afternoon will include living a healthy life session and light exercise with Coach Becky, followed by gentle flow Hatha Yoga led by Denise Sanger. The retreat will conclude with meditation and prayer, leaving you energized and equipped to face 2018.

2 Registration Options:

Option 1: One payment of $197

Option 2: Two payments of $105


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