Best Way To Lose Weight For Women Over 50

Is Keto the answer to my weight loss problem?

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I know. I know. I said last year I would never do Keto again. You can read the whole post here – Why I don’t do Keto – but the short answer? I did it wrong last time. So could keto be the answer to my weight loss problem this time?

How did I do it wrong? Well to follow a keto program, you get the majority of your calories from fat. Where I went wrong before was the type of fats I was choosing. Even as one in the fitness world that should know better, I was making poor nutritional choices. I own it. You will never see me pass the buck. When I screw up, I tell you.

The past few years have been hard on me weight wise; slowing me down. I knew I had to do something but shoot I was tired of trying different things. You can see everything I tried over the past year in the recents posts. Biofit, Carbofix and Smoothie Diet. And I did lose weight on all of them. But I wasn’t sticking with any of them. You may be different which is why I always say find what works for YOU.

First I headed to my gynecologist for a checkup and went back on HRT. Then I circled back around to Keto because so many people were having such great results.

But I was not going to do it the way I did it before. After much research, I chose a program customized for me. But here’s where it gets better. The fats I am choosing are healthier than other keto programs suggest. Instead of butter, it’s a combination of olive oil and butter. Fats included in good choices of grass fed meat. For carbs, instead of rice, it’s cauliflower rice. The recipe for Parmeson Cauliflower Rice is out of this world!

Is Keto the answer to my weight loss problem?

I’m eating less but so much more satisfied and down four pounds this last week and that was only being on track 70% of the time. I went out to eat over the weekend and enjoyed a few cocktails. Didn’t affect my weight loss at all.

If you’re where I’m at. Sick and tired of trying everything under the sun but still not losing weight, I really recommend this program: Custom Keto Customized for YOU not a million other people at the same time.

Update: Again this did not work for me. It affects my cholesterol. BUT it has worked for many women my age so I’m leaving this post up. Let me know how you do.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep looking for what works for you and if you want to check out what is working right now for me, you can get the details here: Custom Keto

Is Keto the answer to my weight loss problem?