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If Covid doesn’t take us out, stress will finish the job.

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This is not a how to or what to do post today. Today I’m writing about where we are and how we’re doing. As a country, a planet and even as basic as how we are doing as humans. My opinion? Not so great and stress caused by many factors including Covid and the unknown has a lot to do with it.

Long gone are the days when no matter what time of year it was, we were outside. Gone is doing something as simple as watching out for your neighbors kids or turning off the TV after the National Anthem played following the evening news.

We’re bombarded 24/7 not only by the news but by social media. How much of it’s true? Well depending on who you talk to, it’s one side or the other that feels what they’re saying is the truth. There doesn’t seem to be any effort to reach common ground. To try to understand one and another. To simply listen.

What I have found WHEN people take the time to listen, is we’re not so far apart. We may not agree 100% but that’s okay. We are not meant to agree all the time.

We’ve been given free choice. The problem is people aren’t taking the time to listen. To try to find that common ground. That beginning place where we can come together and heal.

Tempers go from 1 to 5,000 in a split second. People fight and argue. Something as simple as a conversation with give and take often turns into a shouting match. Each person intent on getting THEIR opinion across. After all it’s their opinion is the correct one right? Here you go: WRONG.

Each person has a different perspective. There are as many different perspectives and factors at play as there are people in the world. As a matter of fact? MOST people are not going to agree with your perspective. It’s simply not theirs. It’s YOURS.

So what can we do to get our stress in check? Breathe. Breathe before leaving the house in the morning. Breathe before speaking. Breathe before launching into an attack. And breathe in the evening before bed.

Pray and meditate every single day. Take the time to be alone with yourself. Remove yourself from stressful people and places. It’s okay to protect yourself. Matter of fact it’s your responsiblity.

For me, I do that with morning and evening meditation and daily yoga. Some days it may only be five minutes of yoga or one minute of sitting in silence but on those days, it still helps me stay calm. To be as compassionate as I can. To simply be kind.

This is a great at home yoga program if you want to start your practice. Perfect for all levels: Yoga

Let’s all take a moment today to be kind to each other. To smile at someone you don’t know. To simply be human.