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How to lose weight at any age: Get control of your cravings

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When you’re trying to lose weight, on thing you have to wrangle control of are your cravings.  The majority of the time I can keep my cravings at bay but some days, it is a battle. A BIG BATTLE.

A quick tip though. If you focus on being deprived or telling yourself you absolutely can NOT have this food or that drink, it makes it worse.

The first thing I tell clients is to refocus their thoughts.  Nothing is off limits.  Your thoughts are that you will EASILY reach your weight and fitness goals focusing on a healthier, happier you.   This simple switch in your thinking has so much more power than anything else I can tell you.  How to lose weight over 50: Get Control Of Your Cravings

But a few more tips to help you push through.   This is what works for me:

  1. Remove the things you really have a tough time resisting.   Sounds simple doesn’t it but it is amazing how many people keep the junk and/or continue to buy it – not necessarily for themselves but for family members and visitors.  Guess what? If you don’t think those are the healthiest choices for you, it’s a very good possibility it’s not for those you love either.
  2. Substitute.  If you are having a craving for something sweet, choose fruit instead of candy.  Craving salt?  Select almonds over chips.  Just a matter of substituting what is better and healthier for you.  Get my list of healthy snacks here:  Ultimate list of healthy on the go snacksHealthy Low Carb On The Go Snacks
  3. Drink water.  Sometimes we don’t understand the signals our body is sending to us.  You might actually be thirsty and not craving junk food.
  4. You crave what you eat so when you switch your diet for a healthier diet, eventually you won’t crave the less nutritious foods.
  5. Keep your stress in check.  Stress is a huge trigger to overeating in general because you feel food will comfort you. But it won’t.  Overeating will actually make you crave more.
  6. Take a nap.  Sometimes just taking a nap will eliminate cravings because we tend to crave sweets when we are sleepy.
  7. Brush your teeth.  The simple act of brushing your teeth with a mint toothpaste can help eliminate your craving.
  8. Indulge your craving  just a little.  If you are able to eat a piece of chocolate or a serving of chips – go ahead.

I do drink a protein/meal replacement shake every morning which helps me.  Not only does it hold me through teaching 3 fitness classes, it helps me control my cravings, particularly in the evening and it truly works.

But most of all to control those cravings?  I get up and go do something. Simply tell yourself if you feel the same way in 10 minutes, you’ll enjoy a small snack.  Nine times out of 10, getting occupied doing something else, I’ll forget my cravings. Always remember YOU GOT THIS!