Best Way To Lose Weight For Women Over 50, Thoughts From Denise On The Fitness Journey Over 50

Does Biofit help? Permanent Weight Loss? What’s the truth?

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Honestly? I’m not sure if Biofit will help with weight loss at all let alone permanent weight loss but I’m going to test it and report back my results so be sure to bookmark this page.

You know my story but for those that may not, hysterectomy to menopause to belly fat I can’t get rid of. And I’m a fitness instructor who teaches over 10 classes a week, hikes and kayaks weekly and lives an active lifestyle. If I can’t lose the weight, can anyone?

That’s when I saw the Biofit video and thought, okay. I’ll give it a shot. If you’ve tried it or want to try it with me, message me so we can compare notes. You can get more info here: Biofit Info I’ll be updating right here.