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Boost your health resolutions for 2019

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Do you make New Year resolutions?  Do you follow through with those resolutions? If you do not, you are not alone.  Of those that do make resolutions, more than half fail.  The reason most resolutions fail is that they are too broad.

Think about the last few resolutions you made. Were they like these:

  • My New Year resolution is to lose weight.
  • My New Year resolution is to travel more.
  • My New Year resolution is pay off debt.

If those resolutions sound like yours (I’m raising my hand here too), it is time to do things different. This year to stay on track with reaching those resolutions, they have to be doable and defined.  This way when you find it is the middle of March, you feel a sense of accomplishment because you REACHED those initial goals and are ready to set new ones for the rest of the year.  Sound good?  Let’s get started.

If losing weight is one of your resolutions, this year take a moment and make that goal into little goals such as:

  • My New Year resolution is to not drink alcohol for 7 days.
  • My New Year resolution is to eat a fruit or vegetable as the FIRST thing I eat at every meal.
  • My New Year resolution is to take out one sugary drink each day and replace it with a large glass of water.

If your resolution is to be in better shape this year, add the little goals below to the three above:

  • My New Year resolution is to walk three times a week.
  • My New Year resolution is to add 500 steps to my daily step count.
  • My New Year resolution is to do yoga one day a week.

While writing this article, I thought back to the resolutions that I have kept and every one started by making a

nd reaching one simple goal.  I used to be a Diet Pepsi fiend and made the resolution to replace one soda a day with water.  Fast forward and I no longer drink Diet Pepsi and only drink water.


This week, take a moment and write down three stepping stone goals that will inch you closer to your larger goal. Then on January 1, 2019, start.  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a healthy, happy New Year. Be safe!

To your health,


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