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Best panties for women over 50

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For years, probably since my 20s, I’ve been wearing Victoria’s Secret panties and bras. Think about it. Roughly 30 years. That’s a long time to be faithful to a brand.

I loved everything about their line especially their bikini and high waisted panties. A few years back, my daughter told me “mom don’t buy me anymore Victoria’s Secrets panties for Christmas. They always fall apart.” I said really? I hadn’t had that problem. YET.

Some of my panties and bras I’ve had for quite some time. I decided it was time to “retire” a few and replace them so I placed an order with Victoria’s Secret. Received them and started wearing them. Every single pair, the elastic pulled off. Some literally the same day I put them on. And keep in mind, their panties aren’t cheap.

Chatting with a few other ladies and found they all have the same problem and no longer buy from VS. The same panties I had been buying for most of my adult life were now crap. What was I supposed to do? Try new panties. (I haven’t even started on the bras yet.)

For me, I prefer either bikini panties or the high-leg, high waist briefs. They’re just more comfortable. So after much trial and error, I found a few that I absolutely love:

Jockey Women’s Underwear Classic French Cut. These are my absolute favorite briefs. They fit amazing. Don’t ride up under my leggings (there’s nothing worse than your panties rolling up under your leggings in my opinion). And they last. The quality is fantastic.

Calvin Klein Invisible Hipster Panty

Calvin Klein Underwear Women’s Invisibles Hipsters These hipsters are absolutely AMAZING. They lie flat so no panty lines. I wore thong panties for many years because I hated panty lines. Not a problem with these hipsters. Fabric is fantastic. Always a plus in my book. Love these briefs when doing yoga. My top pics for yoga wear: The best yoga clothes for women over 50)

Balanced Tech Panties

Balanced Tech Women’s 3 Pack Classic Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties I read a fantastic review in a magazine about these panties so wanted to give them a try. I’m a fan. Love how they stay put especially when kayaking or hiking. Keeps sweat in check – huge in Florida – no odors and most important did not chafe anywhere.

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