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Post From Coach Becky on 30/40/30 Balanced Eating

Happy Tuesday! Below is a post from Coach Becky explaining how she has maintained her weight for many years with a balanced eating program. Enjoy!

When asked this question, “What is one thing that you really need help with when it comes to nutrition and exercise?”  Most people answer with, “If I only knew how to balance my meals.”  Over 19 years ago, I was introduced to the 30-40-30 lifestyle of eating.  It truly opened my eyes to an amazing world of eating.

What is the 30-40-30 lifestyle of eating?

It is simply consuming 30% of your daily calories from protein; 40% from carbohydrates; and 30% from fat.  This balanced style of eating helps you lose weight, maintain weight and supplies you with so much energy.  Food is fuel to your body and making good, balanced choices, will give you the fuel you need to get through the day, plus enough energy to add some form of exercise at least three times per week.

You still have questions or don’t quite understand?  Let me break it down based on my daily caloric intake.

First, let me explain that your daily caloric intake is based on your activity level and current weight.  The numbers that I will share are calculated according to my weight (155 lbs) and activity level (six days/week workouts).  My total caloric intake should be 1355 calories for the next 3 to 4 weeks.   If I follow this plan, I should lose 5 to 7 pounds and can change to the maintenance caloric intake of 1655.  Notice my intake only increases by 300 calories.

To lose weight, this is the breakdown of what one day of eating would look like:


25 grams/100 calories     Protein  (chicken, fish, turkey, tuna, lean beef)

33 grams/142 calories      Carbohydrates (lettuce, vegetables, fruit)

11 grams/99 calories        Fats (olive oil, nuts, omega 3)

Total calories per meal = 331

Snack (times 2)

14 grams/56 calories         Protein

19 grams/76 calories        Carbohydrates

5 grams/45 calories          Fat

**The following information was taken from the description of the book.**

Whether it’s fresh or frozen, fast-food or slow-cooked, The Complete Book of Food Counts is an A to Z guide to the choices in your supermarket aisles, at your local farmer’s market, or served in your favorite restaurants!

Featuring thousands more listings (and more choices) than ever before, this vital reference provides all the essential counts you need to know for generic and brand-name foods—as well as the latest gourmet and health foods and a variety of ethnic cuisines.

• Calorie counts
• Carbohydrate grams
• Cholesterol milligrams
• Sodium milligrams
• Protein grams
• Fat grams
• Fiber grams
• A conversion table for weight and capacity measures
• Alphabetized listing for easy reference
• And much, much more

This was the only source, besides reading the labels on the product, that I used to help me balance my meals over 19 years ago.  I refer to this book if I am unable to determine the protein, carbohydrate and fat content of a particular food source.

Many of the Publix Aprons recipes are balanced.  Some of them need a small amount of “tweaking”, however, you can balance them by adding or subtracting items to/from the recipe.  I am including the link to one of my favorite recipes:

Caramel-Hickory Chicken with crunch Asian salad

It is quick, easy, balanced and delicious.

My suggestion is to start with two or three of your favorite meals, use The Complete Book of Food Counts to look up the nutritional information for each ingredient, and calculate the total calories for the meal.  You will want to divide the total calories by the number of servings for the recipe, to determine “calories per serving.”  For extra help and ease in calculating, refer to  This is another great source to help calculate caloric intake plus it will give you your percentages in a pie chart after you have recorded your food intake for the day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  I would love to help you on this journey.

80 percent nutrition 20 percent exercise


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