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Living healthy after 50: How to fall asleep.

Struggling to fall asleep?

This website is for folks over 50 but personally I believe that I have had trouble sleeping since my early 40’s right around the time of perimenopause.  Add in being self-employed and in the beginning phases of building one of my businesses and no matter how hard I would try, sleep would allude me.

Fast forward to today at 55 and I am still dealing with lack of sleep. BUT it’s a larger problem today than it was 15 years ago because let’s face it, our bodies are different in our 50’s than they are in our 40’s. If you have been with me any length of time you know that I have two fitness blogs – the other one is focuses mainly on weight loss and exercise where this site focuses on healthy living for us folks over 50 😉

After years of having to take something over the counter to help me sleep, I decided to try a few holistic approaches to my problem.  On days that I exercise (I teach fitness classes at a local gym), it seems it is easier to relax in the evening so definitely keeping active is a part of the equation.

Watching what I eat and drink in the afternoon also has made a difference.  For example, I try very hard not to eat after 6 p.m. unless I’m coming home late from the gym.  The feeling of fullness makes it harder for me to relax when I do go to bed.  In addition, I do not drink coffee or tea after mid-morning nor do I drink alcohol too late.  Caffeine does make it harder for me to quiet my mind and my glass of wine may help me fall asleep but it’s difficult to STAY asleep.

So what did I do and how is it working?  Two main things actually.  I have incorporated yoga into my daily exercise routine and generally do at least 45 minutes of yoga each morning.  Yoga is fantastic for making you be in the present moment as you focus moving from one position to another.  It allows you to calm your mind.

The second thing I did was begin using essential oils.  There are several oils you can use and I am testing them out but so far the best one for me has been Lavender Essential Oil. (You can see what I use and distribute by clicking here: Lavender Essential Oil.)

In the evening when I sit down for the night, I take a few moments to put lavender essential oil in my diffuser then I rub 2 to 3 drops on each foot.  This is part of my nightly routine and signals to my body that it is time to relax and prepare for sleep.

Hope this helps you fall asleep just a little bit easier tonight. If you have any questions, message me at

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