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Let Go Of What Has Hurt You In The Past

Hello I’m Denise and I’m not a shy person – at all.  As I make my way through the day, I find myself talking to people from all walks of life.  Often the conversations take a healthy turn because myself and my friends participate in many local events such as 5K’s and other fundraisers.  When chatting with people, I find out many times there is an underlying reason why people have gained weight and are not  participating in events – or participating in life for that matter.  Much of the time this reason is from being hurt in the past.

Many of you have seen my old gal, Jazzie – our Walker Hound dog, in posts on our Facebook community.  We are not quite sure how old she is as she was a stray that found us – and our hearts.  The vet believes that she is now anywhere from 12 – 14 years old. Jazzie is my husband’s love and he looks forward to seeing her every morning but it was rough going in the beginning.

Jazzie showed up one day skin and bones with sad brown eyes.  Our other dog, Rocky, chased her out of the yard but once Rocky went in the house, Jazzie came back.  My neighbor said “Don’t feed her.  She’ll never go away.”  I’m a bleeding heart especially when it comes to kids and animals, and yes I did feed her.  The look she gave me when she was eating is one I will never forget.  When petting her I thought either she’s pregnant or just had a litter.  Turned out she had just had a litter and I have heard many stories of how she came to be out on her own – none of which are very pleasant.

We decided to adopt her bringing our dog total to three at that time – all rescues.  The dogs quickly adjusted to each other but something had happened in Jazzie’s past with men and she was very afraid of my husband.  My husband took it to heart and could not figure out why Jazzie would not come near him and she would literally shake whenever he was around.  We also found out that loud bangs or noises were enough to send her into a tailspin so she must have been in a hunting pack at sometime.

When we took Jazzie to the vet, we found out she had heart worms.  My  husband would not turn his back on her and the treatments began with him taking her to the vet each time.  He also double his efforts to gain her trust and eventually Jazzie would come closer to him.  About six months after Jazzie found us, she would actually climb on the couch that Len was sitting on and allow him to pet her.  She finally pushed past her fears and the bond between Jazzie and my husband has been strong ever since.

We are not animals and life may not be this simple but there is a very important message to Jazzie’s story.  Today Jazzie is a happy, healthy old gal but if she had not been able to let go of what brought her to us in the first place, she may not be alive today.  If you have something in your past holding you back , it is time to let it go.  If you cannot do it on your own, find the counseling you need so that you are able to live your life to the fullest.  Below is a pic of Jazzie enjoying the sun in our backyard.  We all deserve to live happy lives including Jazzie – and you.

Jazzie enjoying the sun.

To your health,


p.s. Watch for Jo Perez’ story on Wednesday.  Jo wrote ” I thought I was super healthy until I realized I couldn’t breath when I would run down the driveway to pick up the mail or had to sit in the vehicle awhile before getting off after a short drive.”  You will want to read how Jo became the healthiest she’s ever been – and gives her husband a run for the money!

Coach Denise

Denise Sanger is a high energy business owner with over 30 years experience in the marketing area.  She has transitioned her love of fitness and marketing into helping others succeed in getting fit and running their own businesses.   She founded How To Stay Fit Over 50 to provide hope and support to others by motivating them to take the first step in their fitness journey no matter what age.  Email her at or






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3 thoughts on “Let Go Of What Has Hurt You In The Past

  1. Loved Jazzie’s story! It is true about letting go of the past. It’s not an easy thing to do and finding how is even harder at times, I grew up with verbal abuse, but when you do, ahh.

  2. Hi. I am 67 and just retired after 46 years in nursing. I have lost 50 pounds and have at least forty more to go. I struggle with the issue you raised every day. I was sexually abused as a child and it somehow led me to believe that I am unworthy of true happiness and fulfillment. I believe I am about to turn the corner and put it behind me. I MUST put it behind me and believe that we’d am important and deserve to be happy, despite the people who hurt me in the past. I want so desperately to reach my weight loss and fitness goals. I want to enjoy my retirement by becoming healthy and putting toast behind me. Thanks for listening!

  3. Hi Andrea. It’s a very hard thing to let go because we will never forget. Know that you are worthy of happiness and everything that life has to offer. Keep in touch please. Denise

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