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What Is The 5 Pound Weight Loss Challenge And How Do You Join?

Happy Halloween!!!  I just can’t believe it’s already 10/31/2014.   Our 5 pound weight loss challenge starts on Monday, 11/2 and this video explains what you need to do to join.  There is not cost BUT you must check in every day.  Accountability is key.   Also on this video don’t be your own worst enemy. What has already happened is gone. Focus on moving forward. Need me? Email me at and visit me at



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26 thoughts on “What Is The 5 Pound Weight Loss Challenge And How Do You Join?

  1. I’m in desperate need to lose 50 lbs My health is at stake here! I’m in for the 5 pound challenge! Thank you for being there for so many people!

  2. Hi I’m Rose I would like to lose the 5 pounds before the 1st of Dec. I will be renewal of my voles. So count me in for the challenge.

  3. So, how do I exactly sign up for the 5 pound challenge? If I say I want to, that’s enough? Or is there a form I need to fill out? I responded on FB that I wanted to join the challenge, but I didn’t know if I need to do more. Sorry for the stupid questions. Thank you for all you do! I love reading your posts. Mary Donisi.

  4. I am in. Also w o wondering if I need to do anything else besides weighing myself and measurement s and checking in?

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